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It’s time to get your car ready winter with Premier Ford

It’s important to keep your vehicle in top condition – especially when driving conditions are challenging. Your vehicle’s safety is important to us at Premier Ford, that’s why we’ve made it easier to have your vehicle inspected by our fully trained technicians giving you peace of mind that you’re ready for whatever winter throws at you.

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​Why should I get my car checked for winter?

The most obvious benefit to having your vehicle checked in time for winter is to identify any problems early. When the temperature drops, or worst still, during a big freeze, those conditions can really hinder car functions.

What work goes on during a car’s winter check?

Our service technicians will assess six main categories to determine your car’s winter readiness.

Premier Ford Isle Of Wight Winter Health Check Electrics Headlights


We’ll test your headlights, brake lights, wipers and horn to make sure you enjoy maximum visibility and can alert drivers to any hazards.

Under the bonnet:

Our technicians will check your engine coolant protection levels, before topping up your oil and screenwash if the levels are low.

We’ll also check your brake fluid levels and make sure there are no leaks. This is really important to check because when brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its boiling point is lowered meaning your brakes are much less efficient.

We’ll also check that your radiator is in good working order. Be careful, as if there’s not enough antifreeze (or engine coolant) in the radiator – which is made of lightweight metal aluminium – when water in the radiator freezes it expands and can damage or even burst your radiator.

And if your screenwash isn’t at a suitable concentration, it could damage the system or cause your washers to freeze. That could stop them working, or the water freeze as it sprays onto your windscreen, obscuring your view of the road ahead. That’s why it’s really important your car is winter-safe.


There are two main things we’ll check with tyres: their pressure and condition. Cold air contracts, so a cold snap often causes tyre pressure issues. Through this expansion and contraction, you lose air through “dissipation”.

In terms of tread, it is recommended that you have at least 3mm tread for winter road conditions. Premier Ford can offer winter tyres which remain supple even when cold, with a softer compound which can still be used all year round.


A service technician will carry out a visual inspection of your vehicle’s underside, checking its overall condition and highlighting any areas of concern.


We’ll do the same for the brakes, visually inspecting the brake pads and brake discs to check that they’re in roadworthy condition. Depending on their condition, we will advise you about to do next.

Battery Life:

Another aspect to consider in your car’s winter check is battery life. Car battery life is generally 5-6 years, with higher demands placed on the battery in winter, given your increased use of lights, wipers and heaters. We’ll use a device to check your car battery’s health.

Air Conditioning:

During your Winter Health Check we will administer an Air Conditioning Anti-Bacterial Treatment which:

  • Kills the mould and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort
  • Improves air quality
  • Deodorise the interior of the vehicle
  • Removes build-up of bacteria colonies
  • Includes a complete visual inspection of the entire air conditioning system
  • Gives you and your family the peace of mind that you’re travelling in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Another important tip is to use your air conditioning in winter. While it’s normally used to chill the air in the car in summer, turning it on in winter helps to remove moisture (responsible for windscreen condensation) from the car. If you think that your AC might need a recharge, then it’s better to get this done during your winter check than waiting until the warm weather returns

​What happens next?

One of our technicians will send you a video of your car in the workshop, highlighting any areas of the car that might need attention, or alternatively, giving the car a clean bill of health for the winter months.

You’ll receive a detailed report, with breakdowns of the six categories above, each part showing one of the three results.

A green tick indicating it has passed a visual inspection

An amber warning meaning a vehicle malfunction needs further attention

A red sign showing a part od the vehicle requiring urgent attention.

Be Prepared For Every Eventuality

Make sure you’re prepared for winter driving by packing some essentials into the boot of your car. If you were to be stopped for a prolonged period of time, whether in heavy traffic, or worse, in a snowdrift, you’ll want to have a blanket, sturdy winter boots, a snow show, a scraper, a torch and batteries, a bottle of anti-freeze, and plenty of drinking water.

It’s always better to be prepared for winter driving – and if the weather is so bad, to not drive at all if it can be helped - but a health check for your car is a great start. 

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