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Welcome to Premier Ford Transit Centre service department. We can look after all your Transit needs from Routine Maintenance, Servicing and MOT whatever the size and shape of your Transit.

The difference is clear at Premier Ford regarding the service we provide, which includes courtesy vehicles, van hire or free collection and delivery service also an overnight service to keep your vehicle on the road during the Work Day.

We are the only Ford Transit dealer on the Isle of Wight and this is backed up by having the largest workshop packed full of factory trained technicians and genuine Ford parts. Ensuring the work is carried out to the manufactures specifications and within the smallest time scale.Click Here To Book A Service For Your Transit

Premier Ford Transit Centre Service Newport Isle of Wight


Stopping power you can depend on

Brakes are a key safety feature, so regular maintenance of your vehicle’s braking system is vital.

Ford and Motorcraft brake parts are specifically designed for your Ford, which means you get both peace of mind and a high quality repair.

So if you’d like to arrange a brake inspection, replacement or repair, make sure you book an appointment at Premier Ford.

Competitively priced brakes for your van.

Repairs Transit / Tourneo Connect (Recommended Retail Price) Transit
(Recommended Retail Price)
Replace front brake discs and pads £199 £299
Replace front brake pads £79 £89
Replace rear brake discs and pads* £229 £379
Replace rear brake pads £79 £89
Refill brake fluid £39 £39

All Ford and Motorcraft brake parts are developed and tested in compliance with the strictest of Ford specifications and are specifically designed for Ford models. They also have proven longevity owing to high temperature resistance, offering optimum comfort, even with high loads.

Exclusions apply. 

All published prices are recommended retail prices and include parts, labour and VAT. All prices apply to Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles with up to and including 2.5L engines and are applicable to retail customers only. RS models and LPG derivatives are excluded. See full terms and conditions for more information.

Wiper Blades

Giving you a clear view of the road ahead

Even light rain can seriously restrict your vision when driving.

Dirt too must be cleared quickly and efficiently. So it’s important to keep the wiper blades on your Ford working at their best, by looking out for signs of wear and replacing them regularly.

Repairs Transit Connect
Replace front wiper blades £25 £30
Replace rear wiper blade £10 £15

Choosing and fitting the right product

Premier Ford can help you choose the right wiper blades for your Ford. Click on the link below to book online and have them fitted.

Conventional Wiper Blades

  • Full metal frame construction with corrosion protection and coating to lengthen lifespan.
  • Even wiping pressure through regularly spread contact points to avoid judder, reduce wear and tear and allow smear free vision at all speeds.

Flat Blades

  • Ford high quality flat blade design.
  • Even wiping pressure with integrated spoiler to avoid judder, reduce wear and tear and allow smear free vision at all speeds.


The power behind your car’s technologies

Ford cars incorporate many sophisticated technologies, therefore they require equally advanced batteries to power them.

With high capacities and high levels of starting power and durability Motorcraft batteries’ Calcium-Plus technology is designed to meet the highest demands of your Ford. This high quality is matched by attractive prices and the reassurance of a three-year warranty.

Repairs Transit Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Replace battery

From £114.99


70 Ah, 640


From £114.99


70 Ah, 640 


Note: Other higher power batteries are available. Speak to Premier Ford to identify the correct battery for your vehicle.

Make use of our expert fitting service

Not only is it important to choose the right battery, you need to ensure it is fitted correctly to avoid harming or interfering with your car’s technologies.

  • Premier Ford can replace your car’s battery safely and professionally.
  • Plus you’ll receive a Free FORD eCHECK, a 30 point visual health check

Shock Absorbers

Ford Motorcraft Shock absorber replacements for a safe and comfortable ride. 

Shock absorbers and springs are key to providing a comfortable ride, as well as being vital safety components. They therefore need to be well maintained and regularly inspected by an expert.

Are the shock absorbers and springs on your Ford in the best condition? Book an appointment to get them professionally checked or replaced.

Repairs Transit Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Front Shock Absrobers £279 £499


The clutch in your Ford is a sophisticated piece of engineering, designed to help make gear changes swift, smooth and efficient. 

As the life of the clutch is dependent on your driving style, it’s important to look out for signs of wear and tear, which Premier Ford will be happy to check for you. 

The clutch kits used as part of Ford Motorcraft are specifically designed and tested to full Ford durability and functional test specifications. These kits are tailored to your vehicle’s age and are competitively priced.

What to look out for:

  • Your car’s clutch may need to be repaired or replaced if you notice:
  • The clutch does not release and the gearbox meets with resistance during gear selection
    The clutch pedal is harder and its path is longer
    The clutch slips: when setting off or at maximum torque, the engine rpm jumps but the speed does not increase proportionally
    The clutch jerks and the car ‘jumps’
    Noisy running, both at low rpm and at maximum rpm

Repairs Transit Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Replace Clutch* £499 £649

*RRP does not include Dual Mass Flywheel if required.

Air Conditioning Service

Full Air Conditioning Service, Recharge and Refresh

This comprehensive check contains:

  • Air Conditioning Refresh An air conditioning refresh is an anti-bacterial treatment which will completely cleanse the system, ensuring that you’re breathing fresh air in your vehicle and nothing else. An annually recommended treatment, it is especially beneficial for people with hay fever or asthma.

  • Full Air Conditioning Service and Recharge Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance in order to keep it functioning properly. Around 10% of refrigerant gas can seep out of the air conditioning system each year. If there is insufficient refrigerant charge, not only can your system not operate effectively, but it could potentially lead to internal system damage. An air conditioning service involves recharging the system with gas and lubricant as well as removing all moisture and debris.

Many people will use their air con system more in the hotter summer months, but it is also useful in winter as it helps keep your windows demisted by circulating warm, dry air throughout your vehicle. If you notice your windows misting, this may be a sign you need to pop in and see us to have the air conditioning system checked over.

A full air conditioning service includes a refrigerant recharge and replacement of the lubricating oil as well as a full check of all system components. A recharged system will reduce your fuel consumption by putting less strain on the engine and keep you cool in summer and demisted in winter.

Repairs Transit Connect (RRP)  Transit (RRP)
Air Conditioning Refresh £19.99  £19.99
 Full Air Conditioning Service, Recharge and Refresh £49.99  £49.99

Starter Motor

Starter motors to set the engine in motion.

Your car’s starter is an electrical motor that is connected to the battery and sets the engine in motion when you turn the ignition. 

Ford Motorcraft uses starter motors which are designed and tested specifically for your Ford and are competitively priced.

What to look out for

  • A single loud click but the engine doesn’t start
  • The starter operation is noisy
If your car doesn’t start properly (or at all) first test the lights, radio, and horn. If they don’t work, a dead battery is likely. If they do work, the starter motor may be at fault.
Repairs Transit Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Replace Starter Motor £199 £279


Your Ford’s alternator helps keep your battery charged and able to power the electrical parts of your car. 

If the alternator isn’t working properly, your car will only stay running for as long as the battery has power stored.

All alternators used in the Ford Motorcraft programme are tested to high functional specifications. At the same time they are also competitively priced, making them the smart choice for your Ford.

Repairs Transit Connect (RRP) Transit (RRP)
Replace Alternator £299 £449

Ford Motorcraft servicing, MOT, tyres and repairs are available at Premier Ford for Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles aged 4 years or older (from date of registration) with up to and including 2.5L engines and are applicable to retail customers only. All published prices are recommended retail prices and include parts, labour and VAT. RS models and LPG derivatives are excluded.

All Ford Motorcraft servicing, MOT, tyres and repairs qualify for a local price match guarantee. If the price of any like-for-like job is lower than that of Premier Ford's listed prices or the recommended retail prices within a 5 mile radius of Premier Ford, the price will be matched. An alternative quotation must be provided by the customer either before the work has been undertaken by the Ford Dealer or within 14 days of the repair being carried out. The lower price will be matched, providing the customer can produce a written quotation for an identical job, including genuine Ford-supplied parts, from a repairer who is subscribed to the Motor Industry Code of Practice, within a 5-mile radius of Premier Ford. In all cases, Premier Ford reserves the right to check and validate the qualifying quotation and to refuse any claims under these conditions which they reasonably believe do not meet the eligibility conditions.


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